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from 14th January to 26th March 2017

Disneyland® Paris awakens with the Season of the Force, where intergalactic shows, Jedi Sith Lords and stormtroopers bring the Star Wars galaxy to life in a magical place not so far, far away.

Star Wars mini shows
The Light or dark side, you must choose
Let the Force guide you to Production Courtyard in Walt Disney Studios® Park for an extraordinary example of galactic might.  Will you submit to the dark side? Or does your path lead to the light side?

First Order March
Behold the power of the dark side
Blast off to Walt Disney Studios® Park and witness the wicked wonder of Captain Phasma leading a battalion of stormtroopers on an iconic military march.

Projection show on Hollywood Tower Hotel
Let the Force light up your night
Make your way to Walt Disney Studios® Park for a sensational show in front of Hollywood Tower Hotel, as light projection, special effects and live characters turn darkness into spectacular scenes from the Star Wars saga

Stormtrooper interactions
Are you the rebel they're looking for?
Keep a cool head in Walt Disney Studios® Park because some stormtroo[ers are partrolling Production Courtyard and they're on the hunt for rebel spies.


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