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The Forest of Enchantment

Swing into Spring
 and revitalize the sparkle within

Tap into the vibrant colours and invigorating music that bring imaginations to life like no other place in the world, 5th March to 29th May 2016 only,
at Disneyland® Paris.  The season's spryest Characters, most dynamic entertainment and loveliest landscapes boost Mother Nature's magic,
SPRING-kling you with a dose of happy you've been waiting for all winter long.

Goofy's Garden Party bursts into bloom
Kick up your heels with this gleeful gang sporting fantastic floral finery as they strut down Main Street, U.S.A.® Central Plaza in a cavalcade bedecked with blooms, and teeming with witty topiaries as the sound of music and laughter fills the air!

Minnie's Little Spring Train dons a clever new look
Swaying to the beat of spring, Daisy joins Minnie and a bounding array of famous bunnies for a Cheshire Cat choochoo ride along Main Street, U.S.A. ®. Discover how Nemo hatches an exhilarating tide in this seasonal celebration of toe-tapping delights. All aboard for a rainbow of pristine pixie dust that’ll shed your winter gloom for good!

Disney’s Spring Promenade awakens your senses beyond compare
Skip down Main Street, U.S.A.® with famous locals as they rejoice to the tuneful breezes and sensational surprises sprouting up along the way. The zesty hues from the flower-lined streets will make you want to hum like bees and flutter like birds from the moment you arrive!

Capture the moment with the season’s liveliest stars
Get ready for an unforgettable moment of full-bloom fun with Thumper, Miss Bunny, Donald or Minnie in her darling new attire. Revel in the exhilarating personal connection you’ll get with the springtime sensations that charge the air with the optimism and mirth you need!

Discover the vibrant wonders of spring
The essence of spring blooms from the bright, beautiful flowers that flank the elegant walkways throughout Disneyland® Park. From the minute you first step foot inside the gates, colourful surprises await you around as the rejuvenating song of spring lingers lightly in the breeze.


Availability of Advertised facilities at Disneyland® Paris.
Please note that every effort will be made by Disneyland® Paris to ensure that all advertised facilities are available. However for various reasons it may happen that some of the facilities may become unavailable or may be offered in a different form from that shown. Harry Shaw/City Cruiser can have no control over these eventualities and no liability is accepted whatsoever for the effect this may have on your holiday.


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